Where we started

Like all companies ECS started as an idea to industrialize a nascent industry. We believe in leveraging nature and the best growing regions in Australia to produce cannabis at scale and low cost.

Since these beginnings, the company has grown fast and matured significantly. The company is vertically integrated with a “farm to pharma” model, while manufacturing a range of wholesale and final dose products to EU GMP quality standards.

This has been made possible through building a great team, having a realistic and innovative strategy, strategic acquisitions, and a flat management structure with an optimistic and can-do attitude.





Our values are simple, healthy products, healthy people, healthy planet. Through our well-developed organic cultivation techniques and regenerative agriculture, we have access to the essentials elements that contribute to growing cannabis. We deliver high grade products using a quality mind-set. Our mind-set being, form strong industry relationships with farmers, growers & partners, work in harmony with regulators and produce a team that shares our values and vision with integrity, fight and passion.

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